Friday, November 11, 2016

Question: Are you okay with taxidermy?

As long as you take all my organs out and make a nice meal for my friends, you can do whatever you want with my husk. I think I'd be a great stuffed guy. I could sit at the dinner table all day, or in front of the TV. You could take me out on adventures, like to Disneyland, and I could be in the picture with you on Splash Mountain. Just you, freaking out, hands in the air and me, a dead, expressionless human full of sawdust.

Or I guess you could give me an expression. I think if I had a choice I'd go with 'sly'. Maybe even 'sly with a wink'.

Short Answer: You mean animals and shit? Nah, it's weird. (I don't feel like pets are also trophies.)

"So this is what I got for keeping Roofus alive all those years."

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