Friday, October 21, 2016

Question: Where will you move to if He Who Shall Not Be Named wins the presidency?

This is a funny one.

I don't live in America. So...

But more importantly, it's time us Canadians let you guys in on a little secret, in hopes that you'll go to the polls on the day of days and make sure the tangle-headed ape-quat doesn't get into office.

We're building a wall.

That's right. We've been doing it quietly and politely. That's the way we roll out walls here. When you guys decide it's time to flood north, you're in for a surprise. (Also, the wall is a smartwall, and it knows to let Mexicans through.)

Short Answer: "The northern reticulated trumptit has unusual nesting behaviour, constructing its home atop its own head."

Note: The wall is free, paid for by our health insurance.

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