Saturday, October 1, 2016

Question: Where can you go in Vancouver to get cool iphone cases?

I'm not falling for this shit.

This is from my wife. She's looking for a case for her new phone.

Nice try, toots. This is some bullshit. It can't be any easier to ask this of me, to get me to try and do your dirty work for you, than it would be to just Google it yourself.

My wife: "But I don't want to have to read all the results."


Now what the fuck do I do? This whole post has been totally ruined. This is like the internet equivalent of walking in front of the television during a football game. No, this is worse, this is like standing in front of the TV in sexy lingerie, not only knowing that you're distracting me, but trying to actually get me to turn the game off and pay attention to you. Yeah, that's right, just standing there in that lace up corset and that G-string, in those knee high socks with your hands on your hips and your face all...

No! This is how she does it! This is how she gets what she wants! I will not do this research for you just because you've got a fat ass!

I won't!

I swear it.

Short Answer: I did the research. But I'm not posting it on here! I've put it in a spreadsheet for you, so you can easily decipher the information! And here's a route for us to take to hit all the best possibilities in a timely and efficient fashion! So...ha! That's what you get.


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