Sunday, October 30, 2016

Question: What are you going as for Halloween this year?

I don't really have anywhere to go as at.


My wife and I were just discussing that we may have to take on the mantel of Halloween party throwers in the years to come, as our tribe is lacking a designated Halloween party thrower.

That doesn't mean you have to have a party to go to. Sometimes, my wife and I would just walk around the neighborhood, watching all the little kiddies. My go to costume for said event was a long black wig and a skeleton mask with a cowboy hat. This was my 'soul ranger' costume, from the video board game Atmosphere. But years ago my wig got too ratty and my skull mask too dirty and I abandoned them. (I assume they took on a life of their own and began murdering, and continue to do so every Halloween.)

My wife suggested that I go as Gord Downie this year because I own a Jaws t-shirt. I suggested she should mind her own beeswax.


Short Answer: Sadly, I do not have a costume this year, so I guess I'll just be going as 'crazy man sleepwalking' a costume that consists solely of one sock.

Note: Sock is worn normally, not upon the wiener.

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