Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Question: So Demi Lovato is retiring or something?

I know that celebrities are people. I believe they have their rights, just as the rest of us do. They can be political, they can have strong opinions, and they can use their spotlight to bring awareness to things they think are important. Your job doesn't make your opinions any less valid.

But here's something to keep in mind. If you're blindingly rich and famous and you decide you can't handle the spotlight any longer, that's fine with me. You are free to go away, quietly if you wouldn't mind, and leave some spotlight for some of the rest of us, those who could use a little of that money and success and might find the attention a little easier to bear.

I don't know much about Demi Lovato in particular - I'm sure whoever asked this question knows that, so sorry to actually answer it rather than the 'I don't give a fuck' response you were expecting - but I do know that she has been in the news multiple times talking about body issues and her own sense of self and those sorts of struggles. That's legit. And I'm not saying she thinks she's special, but let's be clear that being famous and having body issues doesn't make anyone special. Lots of girls out there deal with that, and I'm assuming it's even more difficult without millions of fans and dollars. So let's keep a little perspective.

Also, for all you people out there who are in contact with impressionable, little girls, here's an opportunity to teach them about self-confidence, about what's it's like to deal with this sort of bullshit, and maybe point them in the direction of a female role model who handles these things with grace and strength.

Short Answer: Richard Simmons, maybe? I don't know.

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