Thursday, October 27, 2016

Question: I have trouble getting my famly to watch horror movies with me. Any suggestions?

Get a new family?

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with people? It's Halloween for Pagan Christ's sake!

No, I get it. I've been scared so badly by horror movies that I can understand how having a little less tolerance could dictate a lifelong avoidance. Horror movies can fuck you up. They can keep you from sleeping, and make the simplest noises sound ominous, or the shifting of shadows resemble your deepest, darkest fears.

But if you like gore and titties, I'd suggest you stick with it, champ!

I suppose you could try to lure them in with some fake Horror buzzwords, like Thriller and Suspense, that can fool people. Some folks actually do like Horror movies, they just don't realize it. Start them off with something more psychological and you might find it's a way to get to the more 'stabbed in the eye by a topless witch' type stuff.

What I'm most happy about is to here that you want to share your love of Horror with your family. Some feel ashamed, and want to keep it all to themselves. The family sitting around the television watching a scary movie is a joy for me to imagine.

Short Answer: Survival Horror can be a good way to fool people into watching scary movies. Give that a try. The little ones won't quite understand the context, but it will still scare the shit out of them. Yay!

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