Monday, October 10, 2016

Question: How is this Donald Trump thing still a thing?


I get it. The questions about Trump are piling up in my inbox because it's on everyone's mind. I've tried to make it clear that I'm not interested in discussing him further, yet I've broken that rule on numerous occasions, so I guess I'm encouraging you. Last night on the radio, I actually went off for a minute, letting my passion get the better of me, and I called him a child, and I said that the only thing separating him from a child is that he's incapable of learning.

I felt weird letting it out. I feel like this ass deserves less of my time and passion. He needs to see us on the higher ground, taking the path of more resistance, exhibiting better behaviour and ignoring all the bullshit that he's spouting.

Problem is, he can't see that. He's not programmed that way. It's like the idea that if you fight back against a bully, he'll stop. Some bullies will, but some bullies will take a punch in the face just fine and not learn a lesson at all. Trump is the second type. You're not going to get through to a seventy year old who thinks in such a petty fashion. If he hasn't evolved yet, our example, anyone's example, is not going to alter his perception of reality.

So I guess what we're doing is commiserating. By letting it out, and rolling our eyes at each other, we're saying, 'At least we have each other. At least the world hasn't gone crazy and there are still others like me.' Good, fine, wonderful. I just hope that all the Americans who are commiserating along with us get off their asses on voting day and make sure this ass clown never sees the oval office. Because if you take that day off, this fucker is going to replace the presidential seal with five, big, bright, golden, capital letters.

Short Answer: Air Force Trump? Trump Force One? Don't bet against it.

Note: Just realized I didn't at all answer the question. The reason it's still a thing is because the people who back him aren't backing him based on his policies or his stance on issues. They're backing him because they actually like that he says fucked up shit. Nothing he says will deter them. It won't even deter the respectable people of his party, no matter how much they balk at his inane rhetoric, so how can we expect more from people who actually think he's going to make America great again? They've got that shit tattooed on their souls, now. If Trump asked them too, they'd probably tattoo it on their fucking foreheads. Little do they know they might as well get TR on one cheek and MP on the other, so that he can see his name when he's fucking them in the ass later, laughing at the fact they thought he would actually perform the job of president to any acceptable degree.

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