Thursday, October 6, 2016

Question: How do you think the Vancouver Canucks will do this year?

I'm pretty sure I've been asked this before, but I guess it would be uncouth to direct you to an answer from a previous season.

I haven't immersed myself in this yet, so I don't have a whole lot of insight. One thing I would like to remind all the Canucks' fans with their fingers on the panic button is that we still really haven't seen this team with Brandon Sutter in full flight. We traded for him to keep us close to the playoff race last year, and he spent most of the season out with injury. So I don't think we can write this team off as a bunch of kids just yet. We could have two solid lines, and that means a lot of people fighting for jobs on the third and fourth lines, and that can make for competitive hockey. Also, our goaltending looks good.

Might be a tough year, or we might surprise a few people. Bo Horvat could have a very good year if we give him some offensive support, and there are other kids ready to break out as well.

I think we'll be on the cusp of the playoffs, but I got a dirty feeling we'll sneak in. As long as the Sedins are lacing up, this era of success isn't over. We can surprise a few people.

Short Answer: Wishful thinking? Mayhaps.

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