Friday, October 7, 2016

Question: Donald Trump?



Here's a game. Let's type 'Donald Trump is a' into Google, followed by every letter of the alphabet, and take the best of the top four.

Donald Trump is a...

aimless angry leader, actor
blobfish, bs artist, black hole
child, clone, cancer
distraction, draft dodger, duck
el chapo, extinction level event
Ferengi, fish, fear monger
gemini, god
joker, jagoff
Knight of Malta
leviathan, libertarian
muppet, man baby
national security threat
orange, orangutan, oompa loompa
pokemon, potato,
(nothing for Q)
rotten sweet potato, rapper, rhino
shape shifting lizard, security risk, stand up comedian
threat to American democracy, train wreck, time traveller
(nothing for U)
vs Ebenezer Scrooge
(nothing for Y)
(nothing for Z)

Short Answer: Getting harder and harder to make this topic funny. (Let me fill in the ones that didn't come up with results.)

Donald Trump is a querulous seasonal gourd.
Donald Trump is a yak in heat.
Donald Trump is a zombie emerging from a vat of old tang.

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