Saturday, October 8, 2016

Question: Do Donald Trump again!

Not a question.

This is the last time.

Let's try, 'Donald Trump has...'

already won
a brain tumor
a coherent realistic foreign policy, a clone, a chance
destroyed the Republican party
endorses Paul Ryan (grammar?)
a farce to be reckoned with
a good brain
a heart attack, a high IQ
(nothing for I,J,K)
a lot of friends, a low IQ
my vote, met Putin
no chance, no chill, no friends, no political experience
owned how many businesses?
a plan, a point, a point incredibly
(nothing for Q)
really bad morals
small hands, a screw loose, a secret garden
the best words, tiny hands, to win, to go
(nothing for U)
a very good brain
words, won
(nothing for X)
a yacht
(nothing for Z)

Short Answer: Once more, I will fill in the empty slots.

Donald Trump has Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Donald Trump has jacked off in a Bentley
Donald Trump has killed a guy
Donald Trump has a quintessentially racist demeanor
Donald Trump has a use for freshly knived baby scalps (toilet paper)
Donald Trump has xenophobic tendencies and the tattoos to back them up
Donald Trump has zebra porn on his iPad Air

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