Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Question: What did you think of the debate?


Fuck me. I don't want to have to talk about Trump anymore. I had two different dreams last night about him. He's fucking everywhere.

Trump has consistently been what he is. If you don't see what he is, you're not going to see it because I said so. And if you do see it, you don't need me to pat you on the back.

Any debate is going to go the same way. Trump acts like Trump, therefore losing in the minds of some and absolutely killing it in the minds of others.

If we lived in a world where anyone still listened to anyone else's opinion, this might be worth pursuing. It isn't. I literally saw a woman get interviewed the other day, wearing a 'make America great again' hat, saying that no matter what facts the interviewer told her, she still loved Trump. She didn't care about the facts.

Okay. Here's one thing. Isn't it a little fucked up that one of the biggest fuckin' liars in the history of the presidential candidacy is somehow seen as a 'straight shooter' by so many people? This climate where a person can convince themselves that their opinion is equal to or greater than factual evidence is the real problem, here.

'But don't you see? Facts can be manipulated, whereas opinions are pure, even when they aren't based on facts! Ya idiot!' - every person who sucks.

(America, here's some free advice. You love free shit, so listen up. Hire someone who's qualified, not a hot bag of shit. I don't care what you think of anyone or anything. The job at stake is running your country. Your country! Who you 'like' and who you think is a 'truth-teller' isn't nearly as relevant as who can do the fucking job they're hired for. I wouldn't hire Donald Trump to do a single thing, let alone the most difficult and most important thing. This is the leader of the free world we're talking about. Not your favorite fucking contestant on your favorite fucking reality show. Use your fucking heads, for Christ's sake. I'm straight fed-up with this game of flirtation with that orange nightmare. Who paints their face to match their hair? Honestly!)

Short Answer: I'm seriously considering going full hermit. Twigs in the beard, roasted squirrel, feces-covered cave walls, the whole deal.

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