Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Question: Top Fifty Questionable Relationship Decisions?

Very specific.

How much time do you people think I have?

Never mind. I've got the time. But I'm not happy about it. This is an upside down frown. And only half-an-erection.

Top Fifty Questionable Relationship Decisions

50) Having more than one relationship.
49) Any and all children.
48) Deciding to 'spice it up' in the bedroom by adding food.
47) Reporting daily on how many nice butts you saw.
46) Getting married without living together for a trial run.
45) Living in different cities.
44) Going to bed angry.
43) Letting your spouse go to concerts without you.
42) Always needing to know where they are and acting upon it.
41) Doing the lazy one's chores.
40) Not doing your own chores in protest.
39) Living with Mom.
38) Standing in front of the television during certain programming.
37) Deciding to 'spice it up' in the bedroom by adding Jerome.
36) Sex standing up.
35) Getting fat together.
34) Fighting back.
33) Mistaking familiarity with weakness.
32) Having a power dynamic.
31) Unclear buttstuff.
30) Sharing porn.
29) Not bothering with vacations.
28) Referring to yourself as 'the ambitious one'.
27) Asking 'Do you want to plough me?'
26) Not resolving issues so that resentment takes hold.
25) Ranking her below CM Punk.
24) Not having weekly pizza night.
23) No pets.
22) Asking for specific sexual acts during menstruation.
21) Making her read your blog.
20) Getting married without honestly discussing reproduction.
19) Fighting overlong.
18) Not sharing your true hopes and dreams.
17) Thinking 'it' will go away if you have a kid.
16) Dressing the same.
15) Too much kissy-face.
14) Deciding to 'spice it up' in the bedroom by adding Cindy.
13) Living with Mom-in-Law.
12) Sex standing the shower.
11) Taking advantage of vulnerability to gain the upper hand.
10) Not bothering with vacations from each other.
9) Referring to your spouse as 'old reliable'.
8) Not noticing.
7) Refusing to admit that a relationship is hard work.
6) Choosing to make love less important than troubles.
5) Not being completely honest.
4) Fighting with an audience.
3) Deciding to 'spice it up' in the bedroom by adding an STD.
2) Getting married.
1) Not changing.

Short Answer: Man, this kinda had a serious tone. Honorable Mention: Deciding to 'spice it up' in the bedroom with a serious tone.

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