Sunday, September 11, 2016

Question: So CM Punk didn't win...

Yep. I guess if you put fandom, bias and emotion aside, it went pretty much the way you'd expect. The younger, more experienced fighter handled Punk easily. He took him to the ground, punched him until he got his back, then choked him out.

I thought Punk looked okay - as okay as someone who's being dominated can look - in the sense that he didn't seem panicked or out of place in any situation. But he obviously didn't get much of a chance to show what he's learned in terms of offence, and that's the one thing you need if you want to win, let alone finish, an mma fight.

The after the fight reactions to the whole thing made me a little sad. To see people gloating annoys me in any situation, but those saying they've been proven right by his loss, and trying to make that a point of personal pride, are dumb. There is no 'shouldn't have' in this situation. Punk had worked hard his entire life to make himself a valuable enough commodity that the UFC took a risk on him. People seem to forget that Punk wasn't handed the fame that landed him the spot in the UFC. And when the opportunity arose, to do something he'd always wanted to, he took it. Not only that, he took it with a respect to the people who disagreed with his choice and an acknowledgement that he understood why some would balk at his attempt. He did it anyway, and risked the naysayer's gloating. So to then gloat, naysayers, makes you kinda a bunch of dicks.

He was gracious in the loss, spoke candidly and emotionally at the post-fight press conference, and admitted to wishing he'd done better; all the things that we normally respect about people and fighters. Doesn't mean he's a hero, just means he did something we could all use a little more of. He took a chance to try something he thought he'd enjoy, and in the long run, that decision is the sort that makes happier people and richer lives.

Short Answer: Why am I even bothering? People are going to say horrible shit to make themselves feel good, especially when they can do so anonymously. Funny they don't see the fact that being a famous person is a detriment to that ability, that someone like Punk can't be anonymous. He chose this knowing he'd be ridiculed. Wonder if those who say 'I told you so' would be brave enough to make the same decision in his place?

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