Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Question: I know you're a big Mister Sinister fan, so...

Fuck yeah!

And also, fuck no.

Allow me to explain...on this blog that I write where I can do whatever the fuck I want to.

Mister Sinister, one of my all-time favorite super villains, has been announced as the bad guy in Wolverine 3.

At the end of Age of Apocalypse, during the after credits tease, we got a look at someone collecting samples for the Essex Corp. This refers to Sinister, as Nathaniel Essex is the character's original name.

I was pumped when I saw this and reacted like I'd had a seizure and then freeze-framed myself at the end of an eighties sitcom. I was the only one who cared.

Here's the rub. I thought he was going to be the big bad in the next X-Men movie, and that we were going to get one of his larger storylines. Finding out he's the bad guy in Wolverine 3 doesn't make a whole lot of sense, and based on what else we've been hearing about that movie, I'm not sure where Sinister fits in, or if he will be treated with proper respect. If he's not given enough time, he'll play flat just like (ahem) Apocalypse kinda did.

Short Answer: Yay for Mistier Sinister and his gene-splicing shenanigans! Boo for him being in the Wolverine movie rather than the next X-Men movie!

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