Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Question: Who is your favorite prop comic besides Carrot Top?

Few times in the history of this blog have I completely dropped the façade in order to admit that I have no answer to the question.

But I think you know that.

I think this question is designed to fuck with me. Like, who's your favorite soprano sax player after Kenny G, or what would you put in fried rice if there was no rice, or if all the sex and pizza was gone what would you do with yourself?

So you got me. I'm stumped. And I refuse to Google prop comics, as it will give all the governments agencies who are spying on me the complete wrong impression about my mental state.

Short Answer: Carrot Top is scary ripped, so I won't say anything bad about him ever. I don't like to piss dudes off who could crush my head between their buttocks like a bearded walnut. (Bearded walnut should be a well-known euphemism for some specific dirty bit. I'll get on that.)

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