Thursday, August 4, 2016

Question: What's the deal with people showing their penises?

Showing is a funny word to use here. It's not like we all go to the penis theater for the fucking show.

I assume you mean dick pics. Yep, there's a name for the thing you're on about. That's how popular it is.

Gotta say I don't think it's all that weird. Obviously if you send your dong to a stranger, that's fucked up. If you click your peen and text it to a girl you just met, that's weird, too. But a nice, shiny cack between two consenting adults? Seems like a pretty natural thing.

If there is some other sort of penis-showing news story or event I haven't heard about, please let me know. I love the cock.

Speaking of things I love, I'm a pretty big fan of texted/e-mailed/fedexed nudity in general. I love bums and titties and selfies that include said bums and/or titties. So I think cock meat is only fair.

Short Answer: That last line made me fantasize about lining up to buy a stick of cock meat at the fair. "Get your cock meat! Step right up, oily, drippy cock meat!"

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