Friday, August 26, 2016

Question: What am I going to do with all these child text books?

Don't you mean children's textbooks?

Oh shit! Do you mean you left your textbooks alone? Like, without supervision? And now you have a bunch of child textbooks running around?

This is bad. Textbooks are notoriously bad parents. (That's why there are so many textbooks found in dumpsters, or just given away at black market gatherings.) They'll just wanna continue to party and fuck and the child textbooks will be abandoned.

You're going to have to cowboy up on this one. It's okay. We've all heard of textbooks that have been raised by human parents. Sure they don't always grow up to be all that effective at teaching, but at least they can make their way in the world as Cole's notes, or Ikea instructions, or poorly constructed detective novels.

Do your best, and don't feel too bad if they end up going down the romance novel route just to pay the bills. You can only do so much. Support them as best you can so they don't turn out to be...dare I say it?...origami.

Short Answer: My fear, now that I've had time to wax comedic, is that the reason you have all these 'child text books' is because you kidnapped a bunch of 'childs' and found the 'text books' in their 'bloody backpacks'.

I'm sure everything is fine.

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