Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Question: Trump, Bieber, Kardashian, Kanye...just trying to help you with your traffic.

Thank you?

Not sure what to do about this.

Who would win in a fight? Kanye, 'cause he'd get angry, flail arms.
Who would be best to do sex with? Kim Kardashian because she's been warmed up.
Who would be the best president? Oh my god...Bieber.
Who would you like to have dinner with? Kanye. He'd feed you something better than Trump Steaks.
Who would you like to meet? Kinda want it to be Trump, so I could see if he was a tool in person.
Who would you like to collaborate creatively with? Kim. I'd like to collaborate creatively on her ass.

Short Answer: For every other question I could think of the answer was Kim, and included the words 'ass' and 'doin' it'.

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