Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Question: QQQQQQQQ?

I picked this question out of the queue (get it?) today so I could talk about a few things that I want to.

By the way, I think this might be a reference to the Will Forte spelling bee sketch from SNL. If it is, good job.

Anal Marauders from Beyond the Sea of Tranquility.

That's a name for a cult movie my sub-conscious created. There you go. Out of my head.

Here's another thing. Serena Williams made a silly little instructional twerking video for some fitness mag. This is a non-event to anyone with a friggin' brain. But apparently the internet 'broke' because of it. (By the way, how many times are black women's asses going to break the internet? Who's fixing the internet? Is it Latino men's balls? I hope so!)

So much vitriol was spewed at Ms. Williams, from slavery comments to criticisms about her skills, that I had that feeling I get almost every single day, now. I sorta wish I could get away from the internet, from all the bile and hatred and empty words that spread negativity and judgment for no good reason. The Age of Communication would be wonderful if people weren't eating up a large chunk of space with their pathetic attempts to make themselves feel good at the expense of others.

Just tired of it.

Short Answer: Problem is, we can't get away from the internet. It's practically part of our brains, now, an external hard drive that has become difficult to live without. I wish we could come up with some sort of stupid asshole filter so I could have my fun without being reminded that humanity is kind of a dick.

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