Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Question: Please sir, may I have another?

"Everybody gets the same."

That's a quote by Ben Gazzara from the excellent Buffalo 66, a movie that Vincent Gallo made when he was a genius, before Brown Bunny when everyone got mad at him for having a nice dick.

I'm not sure what you want another of, but the quote holds. You're entitled to exactly the same amount of abuse as anyone else, save for my direct rivals.

Do you remember Brown Bunny? Did you even see it? It ends with a straight up blowy. Chloe Sevigne performs it, in full mouth-to-cock close-up. It's pretty awesome.

Anyway, I don't know what I gave you in the first place, so I'll have to pass on giving you anymore, for fear you'll end up with the wrong 'another'. Who wants chlamydia, am I right?

I actually like the Brown Bunny. It's broad and self-indulgent, but so is his penis! Kee-ohhh! No but seriously, it might be long and drawn out (ahhhh...like his penis) but it's still a pretty decent little story that Gallo directs the hell out of. Even Ebert changed his mind on the movie after seeing the new cut. Apparently the festival cut was far worse. Not enough blow job, I'm guessing.

Short Answer: Vincent Gallo is a pretty great actor, and I wish people would forgive him for directing a scene where he gets to mouth-fuck a Hollywood actress. If that was part of your job description, you'd sign up right away, you judgemental pricks.

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