Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Question: Naked Boob Surprise?

You just dig this out of my browser history?

I love a Naked Boob Surprise. Who doesn't? I love a naked boob anything. Now that I think about it, I don't like surprises at all, so a Naked Boob Surprise is the only kind of surprise I like! That's even more notable!!!


Why is it capitilized? Oh no. This is a thing, isn't it? Did I just endorse a euphemism for kicking a donkey in the teats or something? I didn't mean to, donkey, I swear it!

Seriously, what do you expect from me, people? Do you expect me to present you with a Naked Boob Surprise? Have you seen my boobs? There are nigh on underwhelming.

Not sure if that's the proper use for nigh on. Is anyone reading this? Am I yelling into the void?

Fine. I give up. Here you go.

Short Answer: Your wish is granted.

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