Saturday, August 6, 2016

Question: Could you carry me?

1: How fat are you?
2: How far are we going?
3: Will there be blowjobs when we get there?
4: Is this a Jesus thing?
5: Would you be willing to take turns?
6: Is piggyback okay, or do we have to do 'threshold' style?

Here are the acceptable answers to the above questions. If we differed in any way, you gotta walk, bitch.

1: Not at all fat.
2: Not at all far.
3: Fuck and yes.
4: Nope.
5: Only on my supermodel girlfriend. And you can go first.
6: Piggyback is the only way.

Short Answer: Googled this just to make sure I wasn't missing anything. Could be a song by a band called Kygo that I've never heard of. If it is, tough noogies.

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