Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Question: Was that Nicki Minaj watching me pee?

Was it a woman with a bulbous ass? That should be your first clue.

I guess the second question would be: Is Nicki Minaj the kind of person who would watch someone else pee? I think she probably is. She's whacky, creative, sexual and likes to show her nipples 'by accident'; she's definitely a looky-loo.

I'm assuming that you gave her the opportunity, like you were peeing in public or next to her trailer or on stage at her concert. Because if you were just in your own house, in your own bathroom, that wasn't Nicki Minaj. Maybe a bear got in?

Short Answer: Does it make me a bad person that I like the Anaconda video? I mean, let's be honest here, everyone, that's a lot of ass. Like, a lot, a lot. That's the car crash of asses.

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