Sunday, July 31, 2016

Question: Verisimilitude?


Are you implying that this blog is somehow inauthentic? Or is it deeper than that. Are you, perhaps, saying that I'm a fraud, that I'm not really like this, that the character is somehow a ruse, a false-front, a mirage?

I guess by calling myself a character I'm revealing a few things.

Yeah. You're right. I am attempting to give you the impression that this is real. As they say, that's the joke.

Are we pulling back too many curtains, here? Lifting too many veils? Hiking too many skirts? Unlacing too many bustiers? Quickly removing too many pairs of sunglasses in emphasis? Squatting too deeply to poop in the forest and getting a rash?

I suppose I should consider that your one word question was in no way an assault on the fabric of my blog. In that case, yes, that's a big word that means a thing. Well for you at writing it on internets, chum!

Short Answer: You can't have verisimilitude without Eris, the Greek goddess of discord and strife. She's an ancient shit disturber, like whoever wrote this question. Wait, was that a whomever I just missed? Dammit. Hard to stay on point, today. I'm like a ballerina with a chest cold. That's oddly specific. Is anyone understanding any of this? Mom?

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