Sunday, July 24, 2016

Question: PEANUTBUTTER and jam mit in your bumtt!!!!!!!!

Sometimes I'll edit a question to keep people from looking like idiots. I'll change a your to a you're, or de-capitalize a letter, or correct a commonly misspelled word.

I decided to leave this one alone.

Listen, I know how drinking works. You do it, then you do some other stuff, then you feel weird that you did all that stuff. It probably seems like a great idea to ask me a question when you're on the sauce. You've gone and had a brilliant thought! You'll never remember it tomorrow, so best to lay it on me now, before it's too late. Because man, are you funny. And you're going to help me be funny. It's a win/win!

Only it's not quite. It's more like a lose/opportunity for public shaming.

Lay off the shooters, and let me put the peanut butter where I like it.

On your mom's pussy.

Short Answer: Wow. That went somewhere.

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