Thursday, July 28, 2016

Question: How do you feel about all the politics?

Ever been walking down the street minding your own business and a wasp flies near your head for a second? You think, "Fuck off, wasp, I ain't afraid of you." And you're not afraid, but you're smart enough not to smack at him, because that'll piss him off. So you just keep walking, and assume all is right in the world.

Then that fucker comes back, buzzing near your arm, and you're all like, "Shit, wasp! Why you gotta make it like that?" You probably try to step a little sidewise as you carry on, maybe doing a half turn like seeing the wasp better is going to dissuade him.

Finally, he fucks off for a moment, only to double back and enter your airspace once more. Your last hope is to run a few awkward steps, hoping you can leave him behind. This usually works.

Politics. We kinda need wasps, and we probably shouldn't murder them with extreme prejudice, so the best we can do is take some quick, gangly steps once in a while to create breathing room.

Short Answer: I'm tired of them. All. All the that. Tired.

Note: Make it a minimum wage job that requires a four year Governance degree = save the world. Only people who really care will bother, like with veterinary assistants.

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