Friday, July 8, 2016

Question: Danny McBride in an Alien movie?

Danny McBride is welcome in any movie, if you ask me.

And you did!

Apparently McBride has been cast in Alien: Covenant, the title of the day for Ridley Scott's Alien movie that is being made instead of the Neil Blomkamp one.

I'm not pumped about any of this. I love Alien as much as the next doofus, but Prometheus really was a bag of oily dicks, and it brought home for me the coin toss of a director that Ridley Scott has turned out to be. Save for the first few years of his career, he's directed a gem after a turkey after a gem for decades. Covenant could be great. Could be garbage.

I'm also no longer pumped about Blomkamp's Alien movie. I loved District 9 and instantly put him up there with guys like Christopher Nolan and Duncan Jones as directors whose next film I anxiously anticipate. Then Elysium was a bit of a disappointment, then Chappie was bloody shite.

But McBride! Yeah! You know how I feel about Your Highness, so let's put this fucker in everything. It will make it good. As a wise-cracking anything, McBride is top drawer.

Short Answer: You know what I keep in my top drawer? The souls of my victims! Bye!

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