Thursday, June 23, 2016

Question: What's Donald Trump's worst nightmare?

Mexicans that can jump really high?
A sharp decline in the quality or availability of crazy glue so that he's never sure if his baboon merkin will stay attached to his head?
The electorate employing an ounce of common sense, self-awareness, awareness of history, awareness of politics, awareness of decisions based solely on fear and hatred or the ability to accurately identify a narcissistic douche bag?
Glove shopping?
Being near women who aren't models that have been paid to keep their mouth shut?
A strong, confident person that doesn't act like a petulant child?
That the Apprentice: Presidential Edition won't be huge?
Non-Sterlet caviar?
Having to shower around other guys?
Being forced to have an intelligent conversation with anyone without resorting to bullying, name-calling, or suing them?

Short Answer: That's enough Trump. Forever.

'Trump Forever, the new cologne endorsed by Donald Trump.'
"It smells like a donkey took a wet crap after being given the scraps at a haggis festival. It's the most luxurious, most donkey-flavored, best cologne in the world."

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