Thursday, June 16, 2016

Question: What are some funny things about car wrecks?

Oh, boy. Here come the letters from the bazillion people who've lost people in car wrecks.

Only, no one sends letters anymore, and everyone complains about everything, so complaints about any particular thing are useless because we've all learned to let any words we read fall on deaf ears.

Oh, boy. Here come the letters from all the people who have deaf ears.

I guess the only funny thing about a car wreck is when one of the cars ends up on its roof. It's just so silly to see a car upside down! (Even if there are brains leaking out of the passenger side.)

Why did the brain matter cross the road?

Because it had been expelled from the skull at great speed due to the impact of the horrible collision.

Oh, boy. Here come the illegible letters from all the people who've suffered brain damage.

Hey, I get that some people like their humour the way they like their black women: dark with an embarrassingly large amount of ass, but some things are less funny than others, whether they're dark, or tragic, or taboo or not. There just isn't that much that's funny about a car wreck...

Unless of course it's a clown car!

Short Answer"I saw the red patch on the side of the road. I wasn't sure if it was a pool of blood or not. Turns out it wasn't; it was just a big, wide shoe. A clown shoe. I was relieved until I saw there was a foot in it!"

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