Monday, June 6, 2016

Question: Do you like dance music?

You mean, like, 2 Unlimited?

I think I can safely say no. I've never been the kind of person who jumps up at the club because my jam comes on. I only jump up at the anywhere to rush to the bathroom for diarrhea.

(Did you know that if you Google diarrhea, the second thing that comes up is 'diarrhea songs'?)

There are undoubtedly some great songs that have been written over the years that would be considered dance songs, but music solely for the purpose of dancing is not for me. I like listening to music, not jiggling to it. If I need to do something with reckless abandon to feel free, I'll take my time getting to the bathroom and see where the diarrhea takes me.

Short Answer: I've never been the kind of person to react to a beat. A groove, maybe, but not a beat.

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