Thursday, June 9, 2016

Question: Could you make up some funny porno titles?

Took this on about a year ago:

That's pretty thorough, but I'll definitely have another go.

Too Fat, Too Furry Ass
Now You Pee on Me
Now You Pee on Me 2: The Deuce up my Pussy Sleeve
Me Before You, Then Me Again in the Asshole
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtleheads
The Cocksman: Winter's Whore
Mad Cax: Furry Road to My Slit
Inside Out: Gross Pussies 7
Spotlight On Your Fruit Roll-Up
Ex Machinass
Ridge of Thighs
Anus Krampus
The Big Short Dick
The Good Dinosaur Who Takes it in All Holes
Trainwreck: Gross Pussies 9
Red Splash Olympics: Crimson Peek
Steve Blow Jobs

Let's try some classics:

It's a Wonderful Queef
Some Like it on Their Upper Lip
Bend-Hur Over
Dr. Strange Balls
The Third Man Fills Me Out Like an Application
Abbot and Costello Meet Each Other's Cocks
Reared Window
The Day the Earth Stood Still and Dropped its Panties
Double Indemnity, Triple Penetration
On the Waterfront, On the Pissback
Chinatown 2: Forget it, Jake. She Only Wants to be Fingerblasted
His Girl Friday, His Boy Saturday, His Mule Tuesday
How Peened was my Valley

Some non-movie ones:

Honor Among Beaves
Hello Black Man in My End
How To Succeed in Ass-Business Without Ever Crying
The Adventures of Huckleberry in Your Mouth
Moby Thick Dick
The Dick-Pics of Whorey and Gay

Short Answer: That last one was enough of a stretch that I think I should stop.

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