Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Question: Can I trust someone with a bog eye?

Pool haller.
Melon baller.
Face mauler.
Garbage hauler.
Cask of Amontillado waller.
Dance haller.
Bathroom staller.
Back alley brawler.
Bear paller.
On the air caller.
and even though it doesn't rhyme:
Poon holer.

This has nothing to do with your question. It was what was in my head this morning when I woke up. Yes, a series of rhymes that ended with the until now non-existent term, poon holer. It might actually be one word. Poonholer. It's someone who holes poons. Like sex.

Bog eye, eh? Yea, you can trust them. There's a good chance that they're not deceptive, that's it's just their eyes. People have probably assumed them deceptive their entire lives, so it's likely they've developed the desire to be seen as trustworthy. I'd rather trust them then someone lookin' straight at me. Who the fuck does that?

Short Answer: You know how versatile bingo is? You can have a bingo caller, a bingo haller, and a bingo parlour! Learning! Fuuuuuucckckkckckkck!

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