Sunday, June 5, 2016

Question: Word superlatives, please.

I didn't think there were any new kinds of questions, but today I was asking about fifteen questions in one. All of the italicized 'categories' that I will show in the following post were specifically asked of me. I almost answered this whole thing with 'go fuck yourself' because I'm not a trained ape.

But I kinda am a trained ape, so here goes.

Most overused word: actually
Most underused word: festooned
Dumbest sounding word: belch
Most pleasant sounding word: Belarussian
Most confusing word: nonplussed
Most annoying word: potential
Word most likely to make you giggle like a child: pinochle
Word most likely to make you snicker like an adult: reared
Most visually appealing word: lively
Least visually appealing word: bonk
Word most likely to live with their parents until their 38: erudite
Word most likely to be voted prom king: blowjob 
Word most likely to be voted prom queen: handjob
Favourite word: precedent

Short Answer: This was fun. Maybe you should try it.

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