Saturday, May 7, 2016

Question: When you do short answers, are you just being lazy?

Who(m?)ever asked this question is a fucking cack. Are you talking about answers that are short, or the 'short answer' part of every single answer I ever give? How the fuck am I supposed to know what you mean? You have failed, sir! You have failed us all!

I guess I can safely assume, based on the fact that I always do a 'short answer' and it isn't necessarily short, that this question is referring to answers like yesterday's, where I wrote very little.

Yes. When I write short answers like yesterday's answer, I am just being lazy. Are you happy, Sherlock? You got to the heart of the matter, Henley? You found the...old stuff, Murder She Wrote?

I try to be funny, too. Sometimes I just read the question and a short, funny answer pops into my head. Sometimes I go with that. It's not a crime, so take your junior sleuthing elsewhere, Encyclopedia Brown!

Short Answer: If the question instead was referring to this segment, the answer is no. I often think harder about the short answer than I do about the question. Whether I'm trying to summarize, hit another joke, or actually deliver a shorter answer, it's far more challenging. Like pee-pee Jenga. Good luck wining without an erection, this situation and no other!

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