Friday, May 20, 2016

Question: Lots of people are accused of being Nazis these days. The left calls the right Nazis and the right calls the left Nazis... it's so confusing, are we all Nazis? If not... who are the real Nazis?

I won't be giving real Nazis any press, so that addresses your last question.

I just read something the other day, a tweet, where someone compared Justin Trudeau to Hitler by saying that Hitler never physically assaulted anyone the way Trudeau did in the el-boob incident.

In one way, I like that people are throwing stupid words at each other. It kills the power of those terms to do so. But not terms like Nazi and Hitler. Those words have historical connotations that we're supposed to learn from, and aren't supposed to be softened by idiotic use.

I could write for hours about how overly sensitive everybody seems to be, and more specifically, how everything has become political. Anything that ever happens is an opportunity to accuse the right or the left of being evil. A-ha! See! We told you! Hitler would never hurt anyone that way! Oh, he did what to how many million people? Who cares! Context is for smart people!

To answer another of your questions, we are not all Nazis. Just like one thing isn't really something else...On Steroids! These are just overused hyperbolic terms, nothing more, when used in this sort of (what's that word again?) context.

Now to reach to the heart of your question, we are all a bunch of dick bags looking for a way to feel superior to others, often for poor reasons like bumping our own self-esteem or making our tribe seem somehow better than another. This behaviour is as disgusting and slimy as it seems, make no mistake.

Another example. Blake Lively, the film actress and more importantly mother of Ryan Reynolds' super baby, was accused of appropriating black culture the other day because she quoted a line from 'Baby Got Back'. Wait, not even quoted, put it up with an Instagram photo.

This is the world we live in. Not only do people make a hobby of blowing things out of proportion, they mangle the ability of uneducated folks to see through to the real issue. It's pretty much a boy who cried wolf scenario. If you freak out about a white girl thinking she has a big butt, then what happens when you freak out about something worthy of people's attention?

At this point, we're all such bitches about everything that nothing matters. Everything's a scandal and the sky is falling every day. So who the fuck knows what's important?

Short Answer: Nazis did a lot worse than just being 'tough' on issues. They didn't just take away rights and freedoms. They took lives. There's probably some better, more accurate terminology we could use for when someone makes a joke you don't like, or has a different opinion, or is a fan of something, or is walking innocently down the street.

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