Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Question: Just heard about that football player getting in trouble for taking his wiener out. Don't you do that all the time?

Fucking sigh. I just read this story as well.

A high school kid showed his penis in a yearbook photo, and now he's being charged with 69 counts of indecent exposure (not a joke) and could have to register as a sex offender.

I can't believe it's left up to the me of this world to explain that a 19 year old kid taking his dick out of his pants for a stupid yearbook photo doesn't make him a sex offender. It was a prank, a dare, a joke. A bad decision? Sure. Judge him on decisions on all you want. But a court of law? For a kid being a kid? Ridiculous.

Also, it's not the yearbook staff's fault. I read a few responses to this situation and everyone had their heart and mind in the right place, understanding it was ridiculous to throw the book at this kid, but I also saw a recurring theme, and that was to cast a little blame at the people who should've stopped the picture from getting to print. That's dumb. Don't blame the yearbook editor for not seeing some guy's dick. It's the wiener-exposer's fault, one hundred percent.

Too bad common sense left the coup. This is over before it begins. Kid's already embarrassed and scared. Now's the time to let it go. Relief floods in, he knows to never do that shit again, and he can move on as a smarter person.

As for me, I don't take my wiener out all the time. I have my wiener out a lot, but that's different. I wouldn't just spring it on someone in public because I'd be afraid of getting arrested. People can't take a joke that doesn't involve the sunlight reaching one or two of my balls, how can I trust they'll laugh at my actual dick?

Short Answer: I really opened the door there for some tiny wiener jokes, didn't I? Have your fun, you monsters!

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