Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Question: I've noticed you don't say much on Twitter anymore. What's up with that?

The Law of Diminishing Returns?

Yea, I've been a bit lazy about that as of late.

This whole social media thing is a bit difficult for me. I don't put much effort into spreading awareness about myself, and yet I'm mainly on Facebook and Twitter because of 'business'.

It's almost like if I try really hard to make my blog successful, and it doesn't work, then I'm a failure. But as long as I'm casual about its circulation, I can feel good about however it's doing.

Also, I have a conundrum. The career I pursue is that of a serious writer. On here, I'm clearly a humorist. I take all the privileges of a humorist, feeling that I can make fun of anything I want, so long as I make fun of everything without bias. But as a writer of fiction wanting to build a career, some of the jokes I make on this blog could be considered bad for business. Not because my intent isn't clear to anyone with a brain. I'm trying to make people laugh; it's not rocket surgery. But because we live in the Age of Offense, where those with the thinnest skin also erect the quickest soap boxes.

It sickens me to think that someone could take a joke of mine and claim that I'm some sort of bad person, and that it would in turn upset my writing career. I hope I never have to choose between these two sides, and yet I'm hesitant already, with only a modicum of success, to link the two worlds together. I'll put a poem on here once in a while, but that's about it.

I hope talking candidly about these things on occasion will help, though it could be just a trick to keep my fears at bay.

Short Answer: Sometimes I don't say things on Twitter because I imagine some asshole digging it up later, and making a mountain out of a stupid, innocent attempt at humor. On good days, my balls are large and I don't give a fuck. But the longer I spend dedicating the bulk of my time to fiction and poetry, the more this pulses in the back of my head. Hopefully I'll never be successful enough in either field for it to matter!

*Note: I'll try to do better. I still link my blog on Twitter every day. It's just frustrating. Despite being harsh, I don't make a racist joke, or a rape joke, or whatever is offensive tomorrow all that often, and yet I believe nothing's off the table if it helps us all laugh at how fucked up the world is. The problem is that what's safe to joke about today, is someone else's crusade tomorrow. So in a way, to me, everything's safe and at the same time everything's an inappropriate joke that's been told too soon. Not differentiating is the key to moving forward, and I'm working on it. Trying to be brave, despite the moronically inclined. See? That sounded PC. I'm learning!

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