Thursday, May 5, 2016

Question: I need a name for my band. Any suggestions?


I don't want to waste all my good band names on some shmuck. And if you're not a schmuck, surely some other schmuck will steal my ideas.

Puts me in a tough position.

I'll try to come up with some second-tier names. That should keep you confused and entertained.

Band Names:

Mustard Hat
My Ankle Hurts
The Pony Boys
Tears in Rears
All the King's Men
Taco Tuesday
Data Traveller
The Comic Book Movies
The I Love Yous
Town Criers
The Ear Plugs
Weevil Eater
Al Camino
Dennis and the Lost Shawls
Me, Myself and the Drummer
Duck, Duck, Abuse
The Moon Rocks
Global Shawarming
3 Pieces of Pie
For Days
Twelve Dwarves
Going Boing
The Bookmarks
Habeas Corpse
The Also Rans
Ted Theodore Logan Solo Project
You're Gimbels

Short Answer: The Short Answers

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