Monday, May 23, 2016

Question: How about Rory Kinnear?

Rory Kinnear is an English actor and playwright who has most notably appeared in the more recent James Bond movies as 'British sounding helper guy' (Bill Tanner) and far more notably as Frankenstein's monster in the television show Penny Dreadful.

He's good. Royal Shakespeare dudes are always good.

Beyond that, there isn't much to say. Never had tea with the guy. Could be a total douche. Could be an awesome dude. He's the best thing in Penny Dreadful, I think, which is impressive because that show's full of good things.

How about Rory Calhoun, am I right?

Short Answer: When Lita Baron sued for divorce, she claimed that Rory Calhoun had 79 adulterous relationships! That dude got it wet!

Note: Just watched the most recent episode of Penny Dreadful. Almost positive it's the reason this question was asked, because Rory fucking killed it from front to back. Worthy of attention. Made me cry multiple times. 

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