Saturday, May 21, 2016

Question: Dude, where's your question today?

Yep. This is late. So late that people probably won't even see it. I guess it's an opportunity to be really racy.

I bet I could suck a dick. I just think I could handle it. Might not be my preferred activity, but I'm no wimp. I'd suck the hell out of that dick if I had to. I ain't no pussy!

Had the worst day. Paid too much to park and walk, too much to get into a place, too much for some food, too much for a lumberjack show. That's the thing about sucking a dick; you can probably get access to one for free. Better than the day I had.

I was going to take a day off work, but I feel so shitty about my day, that I figure I need to salvage something. So I'm doing this post. Turned out to be a bi-curious rant, and yet I feel better. Life's funny.

Short Answer: My timing is terrible. I had a lot of traffic going from the last two posts, which I've now totally murdered by not posting this morning. Why is everyone so fickle? I've been doing this for years but if I take a day off, I get boned. I took a week off last year and everyone but my mom stopped reading. (Just kidding. My mom doesn't read my blog. She doesn't like me enough. I don't get it. What's she going to read about her little boy that could possible be...right, right. Never mind.)

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