Saturday, April 23, 2016

Question: What do you believe?

Lower back tats are a bad idea.
You should test macaroni doneness by throwing it at the wall.
Joseph Fiennes should still be an a-lister.
People should stop playing chicken with their butts and things they shouldn't put in their butts.
Iron Man is right.
Dragons, if real, would replace dogs as man's best friend.
Jeff Goldblum would do the best clown routine.
Pineapple does go on pizza. Contrast, bitches!
It's better when a boob or nut pops out, and the person is amazed that it happened rather than embarrassed.
Avarice will be our undoing.
Women who don't wear makeup are the winners.
Tom Hardy should have his own franchise, preferably Super-Hero.
It's hard to pick a favorite guitar solo.
Late night talk shows won't be around forever in the current format.
Comedy makes everything better.
Jewelry is a complete waste of money and resources.
Stem cells for everyone!
We are nearly cyborgs. Can't wait 'till it's official.
Car chases in movies are 87 percent dumb. The really good ones feel like we're still seeing the plot move forward.
Bacon is fucking great. But we don't need to hear about it constantly. We know, assholes.
Whether you're motion sick by then or not, the final scene of The Blair Witch Project is fucking scary.
In Cthulhu.

Short Answer: If a lower back tat is a sweet joke, then it's okay. Like, 'put it here' and an arrow. Nice one, and sound advice.

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