Saturday, April 9, 2016

Question: What are the Top Ten funniest ways to say I love you?

10) "You're like an angel who fell from heaven, dragged down by that excess weight you carry around."
9) "I like how your breading fits around my wiener. We make a corndog."
8) "Whenever I fantasize about having sex with other women, you're there, watching."
7) "You're physically a lot like my dad."
6) "A psychic told me I would settle. I like that you believe in psychics, too."
5) "I'd rather make love to you than do anything else except eat pizza. You're almost as good as pizza."
4) "Nice rack. Now touch this part with your tongue."
3) "If I had to choose which one of us would die, it would take me longer than you'd expect to choose you."
2) "I get horny when you're on your period."
1) "I'd like to make a baby in you, and then a separate baby in the toilet."

Short Answer: I'm romantic as balls.

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