Thursday, April 7, 2016

Question: What are the best Number One Singles from this week in April?

We'll go Billboard, of course.

Top Twenty-Five Number Ones From This Week In April

25) Theme From a Summer Place (1960) - Percy Faith
24) Love Will Lead You Back (1990) - Taylor Dane
23) Tequila (1958) - The Champs
22) The Poor People of Paris (1956) - Les Baxter
21) Night Fever (1978) - Bee Gees
20) Besame Mucho (1944) - Jimmy Dorsey
19) Uptown Funk (2015) - Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars
18) Make Love to Me (1954) - Jo Stafford
17) Lovin' You (1975) - Minnie Riperton
16) My Dreams Are Getting Better All the Time (1945) - Les Brown featuring Doris Day
15) Rapture (1981) - Blondie
14) Hooked On A Feeling (1974) - Blue Suede
13) One More Night (1985) - Phil Collins
12) He's So Fine (1963) - The Chiffons
11) Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now (1987) - Starship
10) Eternal Flame (1989) - The Bangles
9) Happy Together (1967) - The Turtles
8) Just My Imagination (1971) - The Temptations
7) The Look (1989) - Roxette
6) All Shook Up (1957) - Elvis Presley
5) Blue Moon (1961) - The Marcels
4) Can't Buy Me Love (1964) - The Beatles
3) Rich Girl (1977) - Daryl Hall and John Oates
2) Another Brick in the Wall Part II (1980) - Pink Floyd
1) Billie Jean (1983) - Michael Jackson

Short Answer:

I want to write a special note here. I don't hate modern music. I can enjoy a well-crafted pop song as much as the next tween, but boy did things get shitty fast when I hit the 90's. From there, it was just a series of terrible club songs and empty shite, and even some things that made me toss my head like a disgusted horse. (Looking at you Right Round by Flo Rida.) This whole sense of feeling like everything sucks ass was exclamation-pointed by the current Number One - Work by Rihanna, which I'm almost positive is a joke she's playing on everyone. It's like she's drunk and slurring into the mike, making up whacky noises and nonsensical crap, just to see if people will buy it. Plus, wasn't there like four other songs called Work in the last few years? Anyway, I guess we can blame the date. It's somewhat unlucky that I ate a barrage of 50 Cent, Black Eyed Peas and Mase, and lets not forget one hit wonders like Had a Bad Day and We Are Young, and that fucking Usher song where they say Yeah five thousand fucking times. I assume other dates would've been better for 1991 through 2016. Thank god for Uptown Funk, or I would've had nothing from that period.

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