Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Question: Ever want to burn this mother down?

On occasion.

Though I'd probably say motherfucker. I say that a lot. You'd think I had an oedipal compenis.

Yea, I'm a positive dude, but once in a while, something makes me think it's time to go extinct. Usually having to interact with humans for a long period of time does it. I get convinced that we're mostly a bunch of noodle-headed dummies, and that the high percentage of dummery outweighs the efforts of the Mes and Uses.

That looks like uses. See what I mean? Time to burn this motherfucker down!

Short Answer: I'm a positive dude. But on days like today - when I find out I've been rejected by an agent after a lengthy, hopeful interaction - I can see the value of death to all. (This is my way of telling all the people that knew about said 'hopeful interaction' that it didn't work out. This saves me from sending sad, individual text messages. The agency said no, and gave me absolutely no reason other than the form rejection nonsense I've grown to expect, to answer your follow up question.)

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