Saturday, April 30, 2016

Question: Do emojis detract from your point?

I think a lot of things that people do during their e-communications detract from their ability to get their ideas across in a clear and accurate manner.

For example, saying something kinda nasty and then writing 'lol'. That don't change shit. That's the same as saying something nasty out loud and then fake-laughing. If you do this in real life and no one's told you yet, you're an asshole. Stop it. And for the rest of you, stop doing it online. Makes you look like a bloody git.

I imagine emojis are fun for people who don't love words or don't like having to think of words, but for me, they are definitely detractors. I love you becomes no more powerful with a happy face that has hearts for eyes, and may in fact lessen the power of those words. Now if you're saying I love you over social media, you probably don't mean it the way one does in person, so perhaps an emotion-lessening emoji is appropriate. You know what's more appropriate? Not telling people you love them over the fucking internet.

I'm not trying to be a buzz kill. Blame the questioner if you must. What I'm saying is that anytime we shorthand our communications we allow doubt to seep into the cracks. We've all had communications where syntax, meaning and intent are misinterpreted, so why make it more likely with a smiley turd or a winky face?

You could counter that as emojis go, smiley turd and winky face possess pretty clear meanings.

Allow me to rebut. "Nice pants!" (winky face) compared to "Nice kids!" (winky face).

Short Answer: "Well-panted kids!" (smiley turd).

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