Saturday, April 2, 2016

Question: Canadian NHL hockey teams?

Yea. They suck.

FTNITK, all of the Canadian based (not owned, mind you) hockey teams are currently out of the playoffs, and as of Wednesday, they've been officially eliminated. This is rare. Also, it doesn't mean a thing. Hockey is the one major sport where people actually like playing in Canada, so it's not the same as say, a good American player not wanting to play for the Toronto Raptors. (Except when Chris Pronger left the Oilers because his wife didn't like the cold. Sorry Edmonton. That was your last chance ever. If you can't turn all those high draft picks into winning, it means that the God of Hockey hates you. Hmmm...maybe we should start calling it the Pronger Curse or something.)

There's really nothing interesting here in my opinion.

Here are the notables:

Five of the seven Canadian teams made the playoffs last year.
There hasn't been a Stanley Cup Playoffs without a Canadian team since 1970.
The Montreal Canadians looked like Cup favorites early season, then took a major crap.
The four western conference teams are at the bottom of the standings.
Still easy to find naked boobs on the internet.

I get so tired of watching hockey by the end of the season, I'm often glad when my team doesn't go deep into the playoffs. It's fucking time consuming. I get that 'real' fans don't feel that way, so I'm starting to put together the theory that I'm not a real fan. It's possible I'm not real at all.

Just a sack of ideas with a nearly erect penis.

Short Answer: I keep hearing more and more concussion news. I think people have a right - once they know the facts - to do whatever they want with their heads. Just wondering how long it will take before the scienticians figure out that all of these contact sports are fucking terrible for living full, long lives, and how long after that society will try to put a stop to these major sports. Ten years? Twenty? Create a blog and decide!

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