Saturday, March 12, 2016

Question: What do you think of Kim Kardashian's nude selfie?

Man. Too bad I don't have a question today. Just a big blank space.

All right you fucker.

I think you should be famous for doing stuff, but I suppose at this point she's famous for other reasons. Like being naked all the time and fucking famous people. So I guess that counts. Still annoyed that anything to do with her is somehow 'news' but I guess she's relevant enough to most that I should not disregard her as a human.

I think I'm a dude and I like big boobs and big butts. There. You happy? I guess you and Kim Kardashian (and probably Kanye in a way I won't understand until he explains it in great, rambling, self-centric detail) win this round. I guess you got me to admit that I'm susceptible to stupid women with big parts as much as the next guy/girl/other.

I find her attractive. I'd do sex up and into her. I think her butt is ridiculous. I'm just as boring as everyone else. Was that the question? Hey Keith, are you just as boring as everyone else? Yes. The answer is yes.

Short Answer: There's a part of me that gets a kick out of the fact that a woman as famous as she is keeps laying out the naked bits for the world. I guess she really enjoys it. On that front, if you were asking about the controversy over whether or not she should be sending out nudes of herself on a regular basis or at all, that I can weigh in on. Nobody has the right to tell anyone else what to do. She's not directly hurting anyone, and she didn't sign a role-model contract. Remember how freedom works when you're criticizing someone with a different set of thoughts, morals and beliefs than yours. You wouldn't want your choices ridiculed, would you?

In my mind, the logic of criticizing anyone for sending nude photos into the world is sadly flawed. If you can play the other side of an argument like this, you don't have one: I criticize you for not sending out nude photos on a regular basis, for not promoting a healthy body image and teaching people that strong, independent people don't need to be ashamed of themselves or their bodies, and that the over-sexualisation of every image - nude or otherwise - should be diluted for the sake of coming generations.

And that's not even taking into account the logic of the 'leave other people the fuck alone' argument.

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