Sunday, March 13, 2016

Question: What are you reading right now?

This wonderful book called Daily Rituals by Mason Currey. It's a compilation of the daily rituals of famous composers, artists and writers. There's a 200 to a 1000 word blurb about each one, describing what their day looked like. It's very interesting if you're interested in artistic process or just curious how this side lives.

I'm also reading book eleven of the Wheel of Time series. I read the first nine when I was younger and gave up when I caught up to Jordan as he was writing them. When Brandon Sanderson took over after Robert Jordan's death, I promised myself that if and when they were ever finished, I'd go back and read them all (all fourteen as it turned out), front to back like a proper wipe. I've been in the shit for a year, now, and I'm almost through it.

What have I learned, you ask? I learned that successful artists drink a lot of coffee and go on a lot of long walks. They also seem to like smoking, drugs and booze a great deal.

I've also learned that fourteen fantasy books are a shit load to tell one story. I'll be relieved when I'm done with it so I can move on to some less ambitious reading.

Short Answer: Daily Rituals by Mason Currey. Knife of Dreams by Robert Jordan. (See? I can still write short answers that are short answers. But isn't this boring?)

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