Saturday, March 26, 2016

Question: Watchu talkin' about, Billis?

I can take this one of two ways. I could go the dark route, and assume that someone is a total moron who managed to hit the 'B' key instead of the 'W' key because they have the fattest fingers or the drunkest face ever.

But I'm going to go the other way, and assume that whoever (whomever?) wrote this is a brilliant human being, who thought it would be worth their time - and mine - to ask Billis just what it is he's talking about.

I don't have the answers your looking for, but we both know that, don't we? You thought this was very funny and rather than stand in your way or beat you down, I'm going to let you have your moment. For you, for Billis, for all of us.

Short Answer: I may be biased, because I've always thought calling a man Billiam would be super funny. So I guess you hit the right target. (I wonder if that's what happened. Did this asker read my blog for a while and think, 'He's gonna get this.')

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