Saturday, March 19, 2016

Question: Hulk Hogan got paid, son!

Not a question.


I don't give two vitamins about this. I guess if some random shit-site puts out your sex tape without permission, you've suffered to the tune of 115 million dollars. Boo-hoo. Someone saw your wiener.

Despite his popularity, all I've ever heard about Hogan from other wrestling people is that he's kind of an asshat who thought of himself rather highly. Which is fine; he's not the first wrestler to be inundated with a fat ego or the desire to take care of his own career first. Problem is, dude is the fucking worst in-ring performer among all the biggest names in the business. And he wrestled long past the point where he could do anything that looked even a little like fighting. If you can't fake it properly, you're fucking up the whole premise.

Actually, in that sex tape he sort of looked like he couldn't fake that properly either. Not that I watched it. With my Hulkamania bandana on.

Short Answer: I exercised and ate my vitamins and I turned out bad. Though I'm still better in-ring than Hulk Hogan. I'd murder that guy with a crossface chicken wing in like thirteen seconds. Is that a challenge you ask? No!

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